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    anyone ever get a radeon 7000 to work?

    I want to know if its possible to get radeon 7000 to have 3d support in linux as there isn't any drivers for it on ATI's website

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    ati support is nowhere near nvidia (although nvidia needs to catch up to its FX cards) but it is getting better.

    have you tried the gatos drivers?

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    Certainly not. There are drivers, but there not even a tenth as good as nVidia's drivers. Many don't even get them to work for 3D at all.

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    Ugh ;-(

    Well.. my ATI was a waste of money then...

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    My Red Hat 9 had no problem configuring it.
    I'm running my system with a Radeon 7000 great.
    I didn't installed it mannualy though. Red Hat 9 instalation found it for me .

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    mine detected it fine too... but does 3D support work for you is the question

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    what app should I try to see if it works?

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