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    Name that app...

    Ok, I am looking to an app that allows me to remotely connect to my linux box and switch to a currently running terminal session. Example:

    On my slack box I am logged in as a normal user under tty2 and have irssi running about 24/7. On a daily basis, I ssh into the box to update some stats, check email and maybe do a little html/php updating to my website. I would like to be able to "switch" over to tty2 and check out what is going on in the IRC channels from time to time.

    So, is there anything like this? I know that I can just run another instance of irssi if I really wanted to. I know that I could also set the box and client up to forward X's display to my client, but is there anything simpler, as I just want to be able to flip and look at an actively running terminal window?

    Thanks for any suggestions or insight!
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    ultra vnc, i think they have a linux version
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    Or you could install and use a bouncer on your system.
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