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    How does my website do on alternative platforms/browsers?

    Hi all

    we are evaluating our website and pondering what to do with it, what approach would work for us (strongly considering a Xhtml/Css - approach).

    However, technical limits make it so I can only test the page in so many ways. I was really wondering how the pages would do in different kinds of browsers and different kinds of platforms, i.e. Windows, Macintosh, Linux (that's why I'm posting here), ... on different versions of Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer, ...

    If you're surfing the web with a not-so-common configuration and have some time, could you look at following site:

    I would greatly appreciate your help and remarks. You can reply in this post or mail to



    P.S. I did have a brief look at Linux through Lycoris (Redmond Linux / Desktop LX), but had to uninstall it due to hardware problems. Didn't try much yet, but what I can say is the following: Konqueror is great!

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    first off let me say, great site design. It looks slick, and uses very little outside of basic html/css stuff. I found no real problems on the site, I am using galeon2 (a derivation of Netscape 7.x or so) with the flash plugin from the site. The only complaint I have is the pop-up window (especially when you first arrive, bad invitation). I don't know what it said, but it had better be DAMN important to interrupt my browsing. Other than that, looks good. You can also run it through some verification tests on the internet to see what they say. Did you include ALT tags for all your pictures, etc? Hope my commentary helps.
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