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Thread: Suse Sound?

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    Yes, there was several drivers listed, none of which worked as I tried everyone of them.
    I'm not all that worried, because I'm told the Turtle Beach (Santa Cruz) sound card works great with Suse. I'm told it works right out of the box. No big deal, it's only a sound card.
    Thanks for help.

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    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    So what do you get for output when you do
    modprobe emu10k1
    I recently installed a Soundblaster Live on my Kanotix system, it gave a freaking cracking sound, but after some googling I found out I had to use the OSS mixer and set it in the KDE configuration center as default sound device. Have you checked in the KDE control panel? You don't need root permissions to change stuff there (can be convenient ).

    Anyway, after I checked there, and picked another sound driver, it worked fine, as a matter of fact I'm enjoying it right now .

    Don't give up so quickly, unless you can sell your Audigy, i wouldn't look for another card... It is supported under Linux, so SuSE would have to get it right. First I'd try a reinstall of the OS before you start looking for another card.
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    Login requested at startup.

    I was going to try your suggestion when the Linux Suse OS won't let me start up anymore. It gets to a screen that demands a user name and password. Huh? It's a KDE installation that isn't suppose to ask for a login + password. Soooo...any other suggestions? )

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    You should be able to login as the user you were before and type in the password if you remember it at all. How about if you login as root (assuming you know the password) and then create a user if you don't remember the user you created during installation.

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    Oh gosh I do remember the password. Creating another user is not acceptable, nor does it solve the problem. (Interesting direction, but limited).

    I have since answered the problem by going through Suse tech support, which required deleting a portion of the Windows Manager part of Suse.

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    Suse tech support says logging on as root is only a temporary measure used to get logged on in order to solve the problem with Windows Manager.
    You have a history of not knowing too much about Suse. Could you take it elsewhere? Thank you.

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