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    Migration from MS Access to mySQL ... but

    MS Access is horrible, and we have decided to make a switch to mySQL (about 30K records).

    However, the end users are used to creating/updating all the records in MS Access. While they can (so I have heard) access the mySQL database with Access, is there a Linux alternative to it for our Linux desktops? I have heard the new Base is equivalant, but is that the only one?

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    There's also a program called knoda that works much like Access. It's pretty okay.

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    Personally, I like Access, but I realize that not everyone does. I do a lot of work in it and also use a lot of VBA, so I feel like I can always extend it as I wish.

    To your issue, depending on your experience, you could transfer all the data into a mySQL database (I like mySQL quite a bit and use this at home and for my websites) and then craft some PHP pages to access the database via the web.

    You can then build all the "form" functionality into PHP and then all the users can access the database using whatever browser they are comfortable with. You can take things a step further and create some "report" and "query" pages also. It may take a little time, but you could easily setup an nice environment that mimics Access functionality for your users.

    With any migration, your users are going to NOT like it, but once they start using it, that will all die down.

    You mention 30K records. Are these all just in one table? That doesn't seem to be a very large database. Most of the stuff I have worked with at my job is several hundred thousand records and anywhere from 1 to 30 tables...certainly Access is not the best app to use for this, but it gets the job done.

    I am curious as to why you are switching. You just say it is horrible...what kind of problems have you had?
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    MS Access database is being buggy.... sometimes it updates the DB, sometimes it doesn't, inserts weird characters at times, some fields have become corrupt ... their previous IT guy who set it up told them they would have problems once the DB gets big, and they are at that point now. One table, but many, many, many, fields. MS will also tell you that once you get to a certain size, the DB becomes unstable...

    The PHP web version I have done before, but with them it won't work due to the complexity of the DB.

    Actually, the owner wants something like back in the day where it was just a matter of being a presented a menu (like a DOS menu), choosing 1, 2, 3, 4, etc for Add, Search, Modify, whatever options, but it's hard to find solutions like that or anyone who write something like that for Linux/Windows

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