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    Checking for Email via IMAP

    Is there any software that will allow me to download e-mail via IMAP to my user mail directory so upon login it'll show me "You have 2 new emails" or something to that effect--plus when I'm in my Xfce environment some dock app (is that the right term?) will check for new emails periodically, and download them to a mail folder. I'm trying to access e-mail from my university's server (I think it's IMAP and SMTP via a Microsoft Exchange Server). I know the settings I have to put in, just not the software to use. Thanks for any help, guys.

    Edit: I'm running Slackware 10.1, w/ runlevel 3 btw.

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    Try mozilla thunderbird its good.

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    I have Thunderbird running perfectly. I've been looking for information on Fetchmail and Sendmail to see how to configure it all. I've gotten Fetcmail to work marginally, but now when I try to run fetchmailconf I get "Both fetchall and keep on in daemon mode is a mistake!" error. I "ps ax" and don't see fetchmail anywhere. How do I reconfigure crazy fetchmail (and subsequently sendmail)?

    I know I can do this in Thunderbird, I just want to know how to do this for my own kicks


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