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    Konqueror won't start

    Hi I'm running Mandrake 10.1 on KDE 3.2
    After using Konqueror successfully for about 2-3 days as the file manager, it now won't start up, clicking on 'home' will bring up a "starting konqueror" on the taskbar but then it never starts and just disappears after a while. Nautilus seems to work fine, but I can't work out how to make nautilus the default file manager. I use Mozilla as a web browser, but Konqueror doesn't start up as a browser either.
    This seems to be a fairly common problem when I google it, but the only solution I've found is to delete ~/.kde and a few other files (and let them regenerate) but then it will reoccur in a few days. Anyone have any other solutions?

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    Run 'konqueror' from a terminal and post the output.

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    You could make Nautilus your default file browser. Get rid of the old, "Home" icon anf make a new one. Then call it home and use...

    nautilus /home/your_home_directory's_name its command.
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    Cool thanks, I might just stick to Nautilus, but just in case anyone wants to solve the problem, running konqueror from the terminal just gives nothing. i.e:
    [lucaspewkas@localhost lucaspewkas]$ konqueror
    and the cursor just sits on the next line until I ctrl C it.

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    Konqueror won't start

    I have experienced the same problem with a Mandrake Linux distro 10.1
    I found a "bypass" with doing this.

    - Created a new shortcut to an apllication (which is /usr/bin/konqueror of course...)
    - Run this shortcut as user root...
    And it worked out.
    The problem might be related to user rights... Or the KDE version i use which is 3.2 I also deleted the user and created it again and it worked out again but for a short time Something has not started but what ??

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