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Thread: Wine and RH8.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolda2000
    If I were to explain how to use the shell, I'd just get into technicalities and the background semantics of it all, if I know myself right. Plus, I'd probably lock this thread up with a discussion with genlee about how bash handles backticks internally or something.
    Instead, there are about two options:
    1. Someone else tells you
    2. You check out

    The HOWTO doesn't seem to be all too descriptive, but hopefully, it wil describe how the shell basically works.
    LOL, its good to have an educational argument though I think we turn almost every thread into one

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    just type

    wine filename.exe

    wasn't that easy dolda?

    Now for any real usage, you will need to mount your windows drive which you can do rather easily by reading the page on my website go to links, then mounting fat under linux.. someday I will make a non frame version of the page, but i just havent found something else that i like enough to do it yet... if anyone has suggestions Im open to ideas

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