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    vmware workstation problems


    I have installed and configured vmware workstation on fedora core 3. The guest OS will be windows xp or 2000 pro.

    When i powered on vmware, there is this long message. To summarise, it said that the virtual machine has one or more virtual scsi devices installed and winxp doesn't support the buslogic scsi adapter which vmware currently uses for its virtual scsi devices.
    It provided a download link to a driver but it didnt say which patch to download.

    I clicked ok and the next message appears as:
    Unable to open host CD-ROM drive "/dev/cdrom": No such file or directory.
    Virtual device ide1:0 will start disconnected.
    Then another message appeared saying that no cdrom media was detected.

    The hardware configs are:
    Harddisk(scsi 0:0) compact
    cdrom1(ide 1:0) using /dev/cdrom
    Memory 176mb
    floppy1 using /dev/fd0

    Hence, vmware starts without a guest OS. So, what is problem here and how do i solve it?

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    /dev/cdrom is supossed to be a symlink pointing to your cdrom device. It looks like the symlink doesn't even exist.

    Ok, take a look at your cdrom entry in /etc/fstab. See which is your cdrom device (probably /dev/hdc), let's say that it's /dev/hdc.
    ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom
    That would create the symlink /dev/cdrom which will point to /dev/hdc (your cdrom device).

    This should fix things up
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    VMware Player unable to open host CD-ROM drive problem


    My guest OS is Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06 LTS with kernel version 2.6.15-27-686.

    I've installed VMware Player (version 1.0.1-4) from a (multiverse) repository.

    I want to run a Windows XP Pro Virtual Machine that is probalby created on Windows.

    When I start this virtual machine I get the folowing error message:
    Unable to open host CD-ROM drive "F:": No such file or directory.
    Virtual device ide1:0 will start disconnected.

    Its logical that VMware Player can't find F:, because I'm running Linux and there is no F: drive there....

    If I click this error message away, the virtual machine starts up normal. But I can't use my cd-rom drive in the Virtual Machine.

    How can I fix this problem?


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