I have installed vmware on fedora core 3 and set windows 2000 as the guest OS. After configurations, vmware works fine and could start up the win2k installation smoothly.

However, due to urgent matters, I could not complete the installation and when it came to allocating disk space,i shut down the virtual machine. Now,when i start up vmware, it just shows a black screen and a frozen cursor when it detects the floppy drive. The win2k setup did not start.
It keeps on remaining in that frozen state even when i suspend or restart vmware.

So,what is the problem with vmware now and how do I solve it?

The hardware configurations of vmware are:
Harddisk(scsi 0:0) compact
cdrom1(ide 1:0) using /dev/cdrom
Memory 176mb
floppy1 using /dev/fd0