Hi folks,

Which software on Open Source can archive emails as plain text similar to following example;


amp2000	                 Im doing chapter 5 now but Im not sure if I installed the kernel 

                          I wrote a script exactly like the commands in the book, ie

                          make mrpoper &&

                          - snip -

lfslinux	           Can you give us the exact error message?

                         You may also want to try [url]http://search.linuxfromscratch.org[/url] to  
                         search through the mailing list archives.
amp2000	                Thanks for the quick reply
                         I wish I could give you an exact error message (cant copy & paste YET)
                         I'll search through that link you gave me & let you know how I get on.
amp2000	                Here's what I get when the compile fails:
                        This is the output from the 2nd time I tried to compile it
                        after I rebooted & ran make clean.

                        - snip -

Instead of only threads. TIA