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    Thank you,but after a long time trying.I found somebady said "Intel compiler was used and settings are probably written in windows dedicated source package. As far as I remember Intel cooperated with Chris Cason in adjusting performance of POV-Ray made with their compiler".And Linux Version was compiled with GCC.I think that may be a final answer.

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    Ah... that might explain a lot, I guess.

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    POV 3.50a UNIX Benchmark Timings(from POVRay newsgroup)

    Athlon XP 1800+ w/ 512MB DDR PC2100
    Gentoo Linux (2.4.19-gentoo-r7)
    +W160 +H100 +A0.3 -f -d +v benchmark.pov

    All times probably +/- a couple seconds.

    Seconds Compiler w/flags
    1108 gcc-2.95.3
    1002 Official Binary
    865 gcc-3.1.1
    590 gcc-2.95.3 -O2 -mcpu=i686
    589 gcc-2.95.3 -O2
    489 gcc-3.1.1 -O2 -mcpu=athlon -msse
    470 gcc-3.1.1 -O3 -mcpu=athlon -fomit-frame-pointer
    -falign-functions=6 -funroll-loops -ffast-math
    -malign-double -m3dnow -mmmx
    468 icc-6.0.139
    467 gcc-3.1.1 -O2 -mcpu=athlon -m3dnow
    465 gcc-3.1.1 -O2
    465 gcc-3.1.1 -02 -mcpu=athlon -mmmx
    464 gcc-3.1.1 -O2 -mcpu=athlon
    452 icc-6.0.139 -tpp6 -xiMK
    450 icc-6.0.139 -tpp6 -xiMK -prof_use (-prof_gen @ 596)
    449 icc-6.0.139 -tpp6 -xiMK -prof_use (-prof_genx @ 599)

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    Now that's a pretty big difference... wow, less than half the time when compiled with icc then with gcc 2.95

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    I haven't got that large difference,maybe because my old pentium2.I used ICC 7.1 with option -O2 -xiM -tpp6 -mcpu=pentiumpro,and go a very good result --12989secs .

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