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    Problems with Samba + Windows

    Hello, I am fairly new to the Linux scene, so please excuse any stupidity on my part.

    I am setting up a LAN with my Linux box as a file/web server. It is a 486 running RedHat 5.1, kernal 2.0.35.

    I have the Linux computer working flawlessly with my Mac OS X computer: I can use the smb services, FTP, web (apache), log into it remotely, and even listen to streamed music (my 486 is runing fluid ).

    On the PC, however, I cannot use the smb services. Here's the weird thing: using a linux command promt, I can use the "smbclient -L [IP of Mac]" to view the services offered on that computer. I can also use "smbclient -L [name of Mac in /etc/hosts]". Makes sense to me. However, when I do this for windows, "smbclient -L [IP of PC]" returns:

    "Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
    Session request failed (131,130) with myname=LOCALHOST destname=
    Called name not present
    Try to connect to another name (instead of
    You may find the -I option useful for this"

    The odd thing is, when I use "smbclient -L [name of PC in /etc/hosts]", it works! Now, the REAL problem is that I can't connect to the linux box FROM the PC, and I'm not sure if the above info is of any help. From windows (Me), I CAN connect to the Mac, with "My Network Places > Add Network Place", typing "\\[IP of Mac]\". I can also type in the name of the Mac, though I don't know where exactly it gets that name. If I try to connect to the linux box using an IP, it results in an error, and I don't know what name to use (localhost does nothing). I've also tried browsing the entire network on the windows pc, but it doesn't show the linux box.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by a new Linux enthusiast!


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    Check out my samba howto on my site...


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    It seems to me that the poblem might be that you haven't set a proper hostname for you linux system. Does "hostname" return "localhost" or "localhost.localdomain"? In that case, try setting a real hostname and try again.

    Also, are you aware that that distribution is older than ancient? You know, when the Chinese found their empire 5000 years ago, that's probably the distro they were using. Linux 2.0 is so outdated that I can't even begin to describe it.
    Unlike Windows, as long as you don't use a GUI in Linux, the resource usage will only increase slightly. At the very least, do upgrade the kernel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolda2000
    At the very least, do upgrade the kernel.
    56k here. Can I upgrade the kernel without upgrading the rest of the system?

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    Well, I have it working to some odd extent - tried DLing a newer samba RPM, and am now using the smbd and nmbd's with the old samba. The new samba didn't include a smbclient or a "samba start/stop/etc" command.

    So now I can log onto the linux box from the peecee, but only if the windows networking username is set to "nobody" (and the smb.conf file allows guests). I can't log into the linux box from the peecee with any other name, though I CAN on the OS X machine.

    Along with those issues, I still can't use smbclient to connect to my peecee's IP - I have to use a name. Not sure if this is related to anything else, though.

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    Samba isn't really my thing... anything that has with Windows to do is doomed to be obscure. I still find it incredibly strange that it's trying to bind to the loopback interface. What's the IP of the PC?

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    Ok, I got the windows machine to work with the linux box - I forgot to use "smbadduser". So now everything works, though it's still a little confusing with the smbclient thing.

    The IP of the pc is, and the IP of the Mac is - it's using DHCP (using the pc's internet connection). The linux box is

    It's a little odd, but it's not really a problem.

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    similar samba issue

    i have rh 9.0 newly installed on one machine and Xp on the other.....i have gone through the configuring of samba and it does appear in MS networking under work group but when i actually click on it.......

    iT tells me its not accesible.....

    very odd

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    i sorted my issues now with not being able to access the linux machine using samba.

    i have yet to sort out the out mounting in fstab.

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