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Thread: Vi editior help

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    I'm probably joining this too late but for what is worth:
    Which terminal emulator are you using ? What is the value of the
    TERM variable ?

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    To get started on Vi, you need to know one thing: 'a' or 'i' will turn on insert mode, wherein Vi acts like simpler editors, and the backspace key functions normally. Pressing the escape key while in insert mode brings you back to command mode. You use insert mode to write stuff, and command mode for editing and... well, entering commands.

    If you want to get the hang of Vi and/or Vim, you might want to use gVim, a GTK frontend to Vim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thumper242 View Post
    There are a lot of tutorials and/or .vimrc examples on the internet.

    if you spend some time looking through them, you can get vim/vi working very much however youd' like.

    Here is my config, to get you started.
    Open .exrc file in your home directory and add

    :set backspace=start

    Now the things should work!
    It worked for me,i am using vim 7.2

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