I'll admit, I'm new to backing up things....and FlexBackup seemed easy to use, so I decided to give it a shot. I went and adjusted the flexbackup.conf file so it would backup everything to my second/"backup" hard drive, which has a lot of other important files that I've backed up.

When I attempted to back everything up, it went in about 30 files or so (really quickly), then I opened the Gnome System Monitor to get an idea what's going on and to see if my storage space on that drive is decreasing (as expected). When I check, I find that the partition (which is roughly 80GB) showed up as > 11,000GB free out of ~14,000GB. I thought this was odd, and when it happened, the computer froze. I restarted and noticed my drive/partition was still running fine (i was very releved), but I gave the backup program one more shot, thinking that was some off-the-wall glitch. It showed the drive as being way too large again, so I stopped it immediately fearing the worst. I restarted the computer hoping the size would get set back, but instead finding that my computer no longer found the partition .

I have now lost over 1200 songs (~9GB) and tons of CD Images and other things that I've been saving for years (totalling in at around 56GB)

It's probably a lost cause now, but does anyone know of a way to recover this? I haven't reformatted yet, but I've already accepted that I lost all of that information. nevermind...i just wiped it. does anyone have any clue why this might have happened? i'm still interested in using it in the future (or another backup program), especially now that i've wiped the drive.

I'm really pissed now and can't beieve what happened. In an attempt to save some somewhat valuable information, I lost some much more valuable and hard-to-get information.