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    Setting up Linux as a LAN DNS server?

    I just set up a small network, and would like to know how to set up Linux as a DNS server (is that redundant?). Windows seems to automatically get the name of a comupter on my network (haven't configured it to look for a DNS), but for Mac OS X I have to edit the /etc/hosts file, and Mac OS 9 it doesn't work at all. Needless to say, it would be easier to just use the Linux box as a DNS server.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi there,

    What you would probably want to set up is a Cache Only DNS server, which would have its only local records (similar to the HOSTS file) and then otherwise use another DNS server to resolve domains.

    Are you using DHCP to allocate IP addresses to the network clients? In that case you will have to set up the DNS server such that it automatically updates when a new IP is given.

    There are plenty of tutorials online on this topic. Try to start with. It explains the whole thing very well.

    Hope that helped a bit.

    Kind regards,

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