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    Multithreading in GTK application

    Hi All,

    I'm developing the GUI of an application using GTK2.6 library. In this application, I show my GUI in the main application thread and on actions like button click I do some background processing in a thread. This thread updates the GUI also. But when I try to enable and disable widgets they are not updated on the GUI. The widgets get updated only when i do some action the GUI like mouse over. Can someone please tell me how to do updates on the GUI in a thread in GTK. I am new to GTK so am not sure whether I am doing the right thing. Please help!!

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    hey I am facing the same problem.My counter value is not getting updated automatically..its changes when i do mouse over..

    Have u got the answer... if yes then pl... tell me the solution


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    Don't know much about multi threading, it is actually through reading about it in order to later experiment on the matter that I came across your question here, but I guess you could try calling, provided you have the access and from the right thread I guess, the function gtk_main_iteration() which does just that. It runs one more iteration of the main loop and updates it, without handing down control of the app to it just yet.

    I had a similar problem without multithreads and that did it. Don't know if it might help, but hope it does.


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