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    Calendar that stays on the background

    I've searched and tested many alternatives, but haven't been able to find a calendar application to my liking. What's essential is that it would sit right on top of the background, stay there inactive and appear when all windows were closed or mimized. Of course I can just maximize some calendar window, but I'd like it to behave more inactively, as it were a part of the background image.

    In Windows I got very familiar with Active Desktop Calendar. Perhaps a screenshot would clarify of what I am after.

    Clicking on a certain date opens an edit window, where it is possible to edit an event for that date. Active Desktop Calendar then marks the date as a special date and adds the subject of the event to the vertical panel on the right.

    I've tried some programs, for example Superkaramba and its calendar themes. The themes are plenty, but none of them usable enough.

    Perhaps this kind of a thing has not been implemented. But if it has, I'd be most grateful if someone told me about it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why doesn't Superkaramba work for you?
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    Well, if you ask that, then perhaps I have just missed the theme that's right for me. None of the calendar themes I've tried have provided the functionality I want. So if there is a theme that works the way I described, please do tell me.

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    try gdeskcal its exactly what you want.. clicking a date opens an edit window etc.. (note: despite its name it is not a gdesklt therefore its not a resource hog) it has many themes and can be transparent. it sits on the desktop.

    if you use a windowmanager like fluxbox you might have a hard time getting it to stay on the desktop and no raise when you click it (some configuration needed if you use fluxbox) it should work fine in gnome or kde.

    I know that the calander you describe for windows can display more than one month at a time, to achive this with gdeskcal you can simply start it three times (add it to your login script)

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