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    Ripping, encoding and converting software?

    Is there a program that can rip CD's to Ogg Vorbis, and convert from other compressed formats to Ogg Vorbis (particularily mp3), preferably with a nice GUI? I haven't found any, am I just bad at searching?

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    Grip will rip into ogg and you could just use to the command line tool: ogg2mp3 for compression.

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    Isn't ogg2mp3 a one-at-a-time-tool? I don't want to seem overly whiny, but I have a couple of hundred mp3's I need in ogg (for better storage on my mp3 player). Wouldn't that mean a huge amount of work?

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    Not if you write A Cunning Script(tm).

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    I use a program called ripperX that rips into OGG.

    AudioCreator for KDE also rips to Ogg, but I had a few problems with it before.

    As far as a bunch of files, put them all in one folder:

    use strict;
    print "Enter the Directory that the Files are in: ";
    chomp&#40;my $the_dir = <STDIN>&#41;;
    my @files = `ls $the_dir -1`;
         system "mp32ogg $_";

    By the way, that turns mp3's into oggs. If you want to change oggs to mp3's, change the code in the foreach loop to "ogg2mp3".

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