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    configure and make options

    Hi All,

    The source tarball packages' README files always tell us use "configure" and then "make" and "make install". I wanted to know about all the options and their values that can be used for compiling a source package in general for congfigure and make. The 'configure --help' command puts out a list but doesn't tell what values can be used for example it says "--enable-FEATURE[=YES or NO]" but how do I know what features can be enabled or disabled. For make there's some info iin the Makefiles but I wanted to know all the available options.

    I was doing this for binutils. I tried going to and the binutils page under it but couldn't get any helpful info. Does anyone know where these can be found for binutils and other popular packages.


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    The most usefull configure options IMO are -q/--quiet and -p/--prefix (where to install to).

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    I have a problem too with 'make'.

    I am trying to install file-roller.

    I have run 'configure' without options. Now I don't see well what I must do with 'make'. Options ?

    Target ? I suppose that 'target' means a filename - 'makefile' as name ?

    I tried the command 'make --always-make makefile' and I received as answer : 'No rules to make target "makefile'.

    I should be grateful if somebody would give me the right command line.

    Excuse me but I am not yet very familiar with the installation of software from an archive file.

    Thanks for your attention.


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