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    shoutcast/streaming radio

    Is there any media players for linux which can subscribe to radio stations like WinAmp does? I have seen a couple but they aren't very mature.

    What's the best?

    Hopefully soon there will more collaboration in the linux community where developers will unite to build a common platform/base for media players to build upon (like X11 is required for XFCE,KDE,GNOME) so development can become more rapid with more skins, collaboration, visualizations, video, codecs and customization packs.

    I don't know one person who doesn't love music. I need a player that can stream music/video at minimum. I'm learning BASH right now for some system maintenance and in the future plan on learning a development language like C++ or Python or Objective C (likely Python) but i'm undecided. I'm not sure of why I'd choose one over the other. I've read various discussions on the topic but it seems always to come down to what one's comfortable with. K. Now I'm off topic.

    Anyway, with all the features winamp sports you'd think it was originally a linux based package. Anything media players come close for *nix?

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    A quick search of the Gentoo Package Databse reveals a few programs that may do what you want:

    Description: Extracts and records individual MP3 file tracks from shoutcast streams

    Description: Extracts and records individual MP3 file tracks from shoutcast streams

    Also, XMMS is modeled after Winamp, so there may be plugins that will allow you to do this.

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    ya i did a shoutcast search and found some plugins but never tried them. i was pondering if their was a player w/ the functionality built in. Maybe I'll try it some of those plugins one of these days...

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    For shoutcast I use streamtuner. I like it because it gives you the option of also recording the stream.

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