I have a problem that's been driving me crazy for two weeks and I can't figure it out. Situation is this, Xine works perfectly fine if one logs in under Gnome, but hangs mercilessly under KDE. It's worked perfectly fine for the past two years and then suddenly, one day, the splash screen came up and never went away. There are no errors reported and no indication given of what the program is trying to do, even with --verbose=255. All I get is a string of perfectly normal messages ending with:

-[ xiTK version 0.10.7 [XFT] ]-[ WM type: (EWMH) KWIN {KWin} ]-
Display is not using Xinerama.

The next message to come up at this point (if running under Gnome) is:

load_plugins: plugin /usr/local/lib/xine/plugins/1.0.1/xineplug_ao_out_none.so found

followed by a bajillion other "Plugin...found" messages.

I have not been able to come up with any further information on the cause of this error. As I said, it happened spontaneously. Does anyone have any idea what xine might do differently under KDE than it does under Gnome?? I'm really baffled by this one.