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    how to end a program?

    hi i was wondering ifsome one could tell me how to end a program that is not responding

    i know in winxp you just press cntrl alt then del and then end task but how do you do that in linux ?



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    Open up another terminal, type:
    su -
    ps aux
    find your program, find its PID (the number at the very left) and do:
    kill 1234
    Where 1234 is the PID. If it still hangs, do:
    kill -9 1234

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    hi m8 cheers for that but i can not see the program in the list m8 .the program is amsn and its not on the list m8 any ideas?

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    Do you know the name of the process? If you do, you can do 'killall [process]', or 'killall -9 [process]' if the former doesn't work. If the command used to run aMSN is 'amsn' (I'm guessing that's the case), then you'd use 'killall amsn' or 'killall -9 amsn' to terminate it.

    Also, if you can see the window of the application that's frozen: open a terminal, run 'xkill', and click on the frozen application's window.

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    Just do $ pidof [application name] (in Slack) or $ pid [application name] (in SuSE afaik), then you get the Process ID. Then just simply do # kill [pid] .
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    If you're in a graphical environment, you can use xkill, which will turn your cursor into a skull and crossbones and kill any window you click on. I believe there's a keyboard shortcut to bring it up (something equivalent to CTRL+ALT+DEL but not that exactly).
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    cheers m8 the xkill worked perfect m8 cheers for all your help guy

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    how to end a program under linux

    Well, you have to go to the shell and type "kill [process#]"

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