hi gals, hi dudes!

this is my first post to this forum! i hope it's the right section!

i just made a script that converts audio files from wav, ogg, mp3, mpc, flac, ape or wma into wav, ogg, mp3, mpc, flac or ape! all with a right click of the mouse! that is, if you're usin' nautilus or rox. it was designed for nautilus, but it also works on rox, and of course as a standalone bash script. it uses zenity to show progress bars and ask questions

if you're usin' nautilus, copy it to ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/, then open the folder with nautilus, and every time you right click on a file, or a group of files, a script option will pop up in the menu. go into it and you'll see audio-convert among the options. click on it, and that's all you need to start the script and convert files into many audio formats! there is a list of dependencies at the beginnin' of the script, so you can see what packages you need for each file format you wish to convert to/from

with the newest version, you can convert even hundreds of files with just a few clicks!

this is the freshmeat link: http://freshmeat.net/projects/audio-convert there you will find the latest version, the cvs version, and the link to the homepage! i hope many gnu/linux users can now enjoy this!

please test it and give me feedback on the homepage on how it works, point me out bugs, make suggestions on how to improve it, and please test it on fluxbox and such, to see if it can be installed as a file manager script there, too!

uh. on the freshmeat link you'll find a list of translations that are available. please send me more, along with your nick and email, so that i can include you in the changelog. also, many of the existin' translations need to be updated, please do that too! translations are very important to audioconvert!

aac support comin' soon!