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    Installing a tar.gz file, help

    Kind of new to linux. Trying to install superkaramba from tar.gz file, but when I get to the ./configure part, it complains about no acceptable C compiler in $PATH. does anyone know a remedy for this situation?

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    Are you sure you have gcc installed?

    And tell me what it outputs

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    The problem is exactly as it says. In order to "make" the document (the next step) you need to have a C compiler to compile the code. A lot of linux distros install a compiler by default, but some don't (my suse9.2 didn't), so you need to look into installing gcc.

    Which distro are you using?? In some distros there are easy ways to do this. In others you'll have to google for gcc, and then "./configure && make && make install" it yourself.
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    Any reason you can't just use some kind of repository through a package manager? Yum, YaST, Synaptic?

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    I am using SuSE 9.3 and when I typed gcc it said command not found

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    Are you familiar with YaST? It should install software for you. You shouldn't have to be dealing with gcc compilers, making, making installing, or whatnot.

    A package manager installs software for you.

    I'll give you an example from my Ubuntu installation. Sure, Synaptic is a little different from YaST, but the principle's the same.

    If I want to install Superkaramba, this is what I do.

    I go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager.

    I click Reload. I click Find. I type "Superkaramba." I double-click the box next to Superkaramba. I click "Apply."

    That's it. Superkaramba is now installed. I didn't have to find a .tar.gz file. I didn't have to un-tar it. I didn't have to compile anything. I didn't have to decide what folder to put it in.

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    I know about YaST, I just don't know how to install packages with it.

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    Well, I looked up "yast superkaramba" on Google, and maybe it isn't as easy on YaST. I always assumed other package managers were as easy as Synaptic. I guess not.

    Well, in any case, these are the instructions on how to install SuperKaramba on SuSE:

    This might help, too... instructions on how to add an .rpm file as a YaST source:

    If you find that too difficult, how about giving Mepis or Ubuntu a try? Software installation doesn't get much easier than Synaptic Package Manager. Synaptic takes care of all dependencies, too.

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    Hey thanks, and I know the trouble of installing an RPM and having to get ike 6 dependencies, real pian. Thanks again.

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    I'm running 'ubuntu breezy' and want to add more login screens to 'system>administration>login screen setup'.

    MY problem is...

    I dont know how to install 'tar.gz' files!

    All the 'gdm' files that I downloaded from are 'tar.gz'.

    I downloaded one from them and now it's sitting on my desktop and I dont know what to do with it!

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