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    .jpg file crashes many image viewing or manipulating programs but not FireFox

    Is there some sort of new copyrighted .jpg file out there that won't let anything but a browser open it?

    I right-clicked on an image and saved it to my hard drive. I then went to open it with gThumb Viewer later and it crashed so bad I had to restart KDE. I then opened it with GwenView and the same thing happened. Had to restart KDE. I tried the rest of these programs with no luck, having to restart KDE every time:

    -Konqueror (built-in viewer)
    -Image Viewer

    The only thing I can see it with is FireFox. I even tried deleting the file, clearing my internet cache, and downloading the picture again. This happens with every other picture I've downloaded from that site, but not others from other sites.

    I am using Suse 9.2


    EDIT: The epiphany web browser and XV open it fine as well.

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    Maybe the image is corrupted or something. What website did you get it from? Do you have the URL?

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    Nevermind, I just right-clicked on them all, converted them to .png, deleted all the .jpg's, converted the .png's to .jpg again, and it all worked out fine. No more crashy.


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