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Thread: alsa equalizer

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    alsa equalizer

    I've got a new 5.1 satelite+sub speaker set (It was a bargin I can assure you) Great for when you want a nice big sound but the sub is a bit too loud for general use even when the sub's turned to minimum and my housemate's allready been complaining.

    What I'm trying to find is an equaliser that works with ALSA. (or at least a way to fix the eq in xmms which isn't working for oggs)

    All I've been able to find is retq
    Which has absolutly no documentation on how to use or run it.

    Any ideas?

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    go to a command line and type:
    that should start up a very basic looking equalizer within the command line.

    press right to go over tone, and press "m" to turn it on/off. once it's on, adjust the bass/treble to how you like it and adjust anything else (you adjust how loud your rear speakers are from within here too)

    exit it by pressing "escape" then do
    (enter root password)
    alsactl store
    to store your equalizer settings

    now you can exit the terminal and you should have your new equalizer settings working and saved

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    No bass/treble options that I can see. UNless you count the LFE but I can't get xmms to output to that.

    There may be aother option thoguh. I've been running the speakers with a connecter that allows me to plug all the channels into just a stereo output. This lets me have the output on all speakers as I've been unable to find an xmms plugin to output to all channels (tried an oss one but that didn't work)

    I've discovered the "duplicate front" setting in the alsamixer though. This outputs the front two channels to the rear two and has some interesting effects.
    -No center/Lfe channel. This causes a lot less base, possibly a bit too less and I'd like to be able to still have that base sometimes.
    -The master volume controll doesn't affect the rear speakers. Not sure if this is normal due to the dismal use of surround sound in all the movies I've tried.
    -Having the pcm(front speakers) and surround volumes at diferent level's increases in bass.
    I honestly don't think this sounds quite right though.

    So I guess now I need a way to get xmms output to all channels particularly including lfe/center. (I've yet to find a working surround output plugin) As well as get an eq working.

    Sorry if I'm rather undecided. I'm just too picky when it comes to audio. Any sugestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josolanes View Post
    go to a command line and type:
    that should start up a very basic looking equalizer within the command line.
    Nice try (sincerely) but that's a mixer. There are GUI versions of it included with the distro.
    What Zarneth (and I) are looking for is an Equalizer, the other gizmo that lets you adjust frequency.

    I plugged a $19 jogging radio into my sound card and now I can burn CDs of the local ball games for my out of town sister. There's just a little hiss and squeal I'd like to get out of the playback. It's coming from the antenna and I can only get rid of about 90% by adjusting the antenna.

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