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    In need of App. to record incoming audio from my Line in

    I need an application that I can set to start recording my line in at a certain time and save the file as an mp3 on my Hard Drive. In windows I use a program called Super Mp3 Recorder and it works great. Any ideas on any?

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    this is very simple, your system should already have the "rec" command. to find usage information type "rec -h" you can run this with a cron job no problem.

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    That might work except I dont think you can do something like start at 6 am and end at 10 am. Plus it needs to be something that runs every day on its own.

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    Perhaps audacity? I've never used it before, but it's for recording and editing sound.
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    I dunno how the rec command works, but you'd basically set up a cron job.

    Cron will run a certain command at a specified time. So I dunno if there's a way to specify for how long you want it to run, but you could set up a cron job to start the recording at 6 AM.

    Alternatively, you could use a script that executes the command and prints the PID to a file. That runs at 6 AM. You could then use another script to read the PID and execute kill on it, and run it at 10 AM.

    So you'd have to look up how the command works, but this seems feasible.

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