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    problem with crontab

    I'm having trouble with crontab. I have a cshell script, which runs fine on its own, but can not execute any of the commands in the crontab. It seems like this is an issue with my environment vars, but I"m not sure of the solution. I have tried to include my .bash_profile in several different ways in order to set up the correct environment. Here is an example of one of my attempts

    30 0,6,12,18 * * * $HOME/.bash_profile $HOME/wwatch/scripts/run_wwatch.tcsh

    One error, says "bin/sh: ncl command cannot be found" ncl is a program i need to run
    Another error can not find shared library files.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    have you tried with the full path instead of using $HOME ?
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    Yes, I tried that, but same results. Any other suggestions... Thanks

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    I dunno if this would work, but have you tried:

    /bin/csh /home/user/wwatch/scripts/run_wwatch.tcsh

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    I got it to work

    Thanks for the suggestions. I got it to work by setting all the environmental vars inside the tcsh script which i'm calling with crontab.

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