Hi. I should preface this message with a mention that I am a noob of only a week or so and haven't really had a good chance to read books yet, don't have the money to buy them.

I was having problems installing Klibido, a Usenet Newsgrabber that handles yEnc.


On that site is the link to the required UUDeview also.

I couldn't get the install to work for a long time until I found RPMs of UUDeview so that I could install the RPM of Klibido. It seems that SuSE 9.3, my distro, wants the support library UUDeview as an RPM for it to be "seen". I don't understand why, but I did it.

Finally, the install took place and completed just fine,



Whenever I tried to run Klibido and deal with my newsgroups, it would crash.

So I uninstalled it and now I am trying to re-install them both again via compiling BOTH. The compile and install of UUDeview seemed to go fine, but when I try compiling (running ./configure) for the klibido process I get an error:

configure: error: Error: uudeview.h not found!

So I can't go into Make.

Also, the whole reason for doing a compile install is because there is a patch, but I don't know for sure how and when to apply the patch. Do I ./configure then Make, then apply the patch, then do make install?

Can you guys kindly help me on this one? I have searched for stuff on this. I need a newsgrabber that can handle yEnc files in KDE, and this looks like the only candidate...