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    tinydns problems?

    first, the info you might want about my system:

    i486 running RedHat 5.1, kernel 2.0.35 (outdated, I know)

    Here are the names/IP's of my main computers, as far as tinydns cares:

    Linux box: linuxbox.local
    PC: peecee.local
    Mac: g4.local

    Here's the problem: I can't seem to use the linux box as a nameserver from a Mac! From the PCside, it all works fine - and the linux box's NETbios name is different, so I know it's not "cheating" and using that. Does this make any sense? The Mac can access the network just fine - ping, access the website, etc., but whenever I type in (from a browser) "linuxbox.local", I get "The specified server could not be found." Now, I know that the Mac works, at least with most things - I'm on dialup, and both the Mac and the PC have the same DNS entries, which seems to work. I deleted the ISP's DNS entries and entered the linux box's IP (, but no luck.

    Any help would be great.


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    What happens on the mac if you try http://linuxbox.local./ (notice the extra dot before the slash)?

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