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Thread: wine

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    sorry to be posting accross you lordnothing but my isp (eircom (ireland)) have got this new flat rate thing where you can gon on for 20/40/60 hours and it will just cost a flat rate (spose thats why they call it flat rate )
    Thanks v much

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    no problem.. i finally borrowed a CC from a family member and payed transgaming my $15 for three month subscription.. i have to say, winex is worth it.. but due to some of the code included in the full binaries, they do *not* give you the full source (or at least i didn't see *any* link to the full source code *anywhere* on transgaming's site)...
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    Thats because the full version includes how to bypass cd-copy protections, and if they gave away the sourcecode of doing that, they would violate DMCA or something

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    Yeah...and we all know what happens when we violate the DCMA....NOTHING!
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    Eh, I can't complain alot about the ISP thingy. It's netzero. Any amount of access for free is good, and I can't fit a REAL ISP into my budget right now. (ex construction worker with a reconstructed neck bone. Disability is only a few months away, I hope)

    I found a source for winex that wasn't on thier site. Not sure if I want to trust it or not. It's ver. 3.1. Any chance I can get the MD5 so I can checksum it?

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