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    Missing dependencies, can't compile

    I really don't understand what is going on. This all started with an attempt to compile and install gdesklets. Although I had downloaded all of the dependencies and installed them I was getting missing depency errors (including ones i know i had installed). So, in an attempt to fix it more, I attempted to compile and isntall the latest GTK. I went to the GTK website, got all the dependencies did the "./configure, make, make install" on all of them, then attempted to run the GTK ./configure. Error! Missing libjpg, libpng, libtiff...all things i had JUST installed. So, i tried configuring without the three things, and then i got another error:

    configure: error: Xft version 2 is required for x11 target
    What can I do to fix this? I try a yum update, but that says I don't need anything (i'm only using livna).

    HELP!! i'm using FC4.

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    Have you thought of using a Debian-based distro? In Ubuntu, I just type sudo apt-get install gdesklets, and gdesklets is downloaded and installed, along with all of its dependencies. In fact, I installed it while typing this response.

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    well, i really don't want to start over with a new distro (if I do, i think i'm going to go gentoo), but do you have any suggestions for my FC4 dilemma?

    Also, I attempted to install Xft and now it's saying I'm missing fontconfig.

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    I'm still missing a dependency on dag's rpm, and the second link i've got the last posting on .

    ok, i'm trying to fix the pkg_config_path. I know i've got the library (it's in /usr/lib/pkgconfig) so how do i tell the./configure where it is?

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