I just install Xandros and I must say I'm exstatic with joy. It's simply awsome. So I updated my system and thought what the hey, I'll see if I can install Steam to play a little CS. To my surprise it installed no problem! I thought for sure I'd have some issue with it. But when I tried to run it, this is where the problem occures. I get this error:
Win32 StructuredException at 00000000 : Attempt to read from virtual address 0 without appropriate access rights.
I tried running it from console to see what is printed out and it didn't even provide my with a broken flash light to shed some light on the subject. Here's the output:
dave@DELL:~$ "/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine" --workdir "C://Program Files//Valve//Steam" --check --cx-app "C:////Program Files////Valve////Steam////Steam.exe"
Win32 MiniDump Helper version (c) Copyright 2000-2003 Valve CorporationAll rights reserved.

Expected argument 'ProcessId'.

Usage&#58; WriteMiniDump &#91;@argfile&#93; &#91;/?|h|help&#93; &#91;/v|version&#93; &#91;/Type <value>&#93; <ProcessId> <DumpFile>

@argfile        Read arguments from a file.
/?              Show usage.
/v              Show version.
/Type <value>   Select dump type values are&#58;
ProcessId       Select process id for which to generate a dump
DumpFile        Select path of output dump file

Shutting down. . .
30client callback thread error
I did a google search of my error and found a thread that might look like it might help, but I'm clueless as what I'm to do.
I downloaded the MSVCR70.dll but I can't find the file to replace. They also talk about reinstalling with the cedegacvs but I'm using CrossoverOffice to run it aren't I?

If I can get this to work I have absolutely no reason to ever boot to Windows. Counter Strike is the only game I play on the computer.