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    Segmentation fault - Firefox

    Hi folks,

    Starting Firefox on Xterm window following warning popup

    Segmentation fault "prog' ${1+$@"}

    Firefox can't start. Please advise how to fix the problem and what is "Segmentation fault'

    tried running
    # ulimit -c unlimited before running "firefox" with same result.


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    What version of Firefox and which distro are you using?

    A Segmentation Fault is when a program tries to access memory it that has not been reserved for it. So Basically it tried to read/write something "out of bounds"

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    I'm getting a segmentation fault also

    I am running Debian (of course) and just updated Firefox to version 1.0.4 via the Synaptic Package Manager. Now, when I either click the History or Bookmarks buttons, the browser closes and I get the "Segmentation fault" message. Any ideas? THANX!!!

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    Try downloading and installing 1.06 from source.

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    How do I do that?

    I have only been using Linux now for almost a week- How would I install the file after I download it?

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    How to un tar a tar.gz file?

    Sooo, I downloaded Fireofx 1.0.6 from the source- now what???

    thanx in advance for all the help!

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    Hey sorry so long to reply...
    Went out last night.
    Follow Directions here...

    If you need help I'll be back tonite.

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    It took me all night long- the sun is up now- where's me coffee??

    Books used: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Linux 2nd Ed.), Using Linux (Special 5th Ed), Teach Yourself Unix in 10 Min.(2nd Ed.)

    Websites visited:

    I learned all about .tar and .gz extensions, and how to undo them (gzip -d example.tar.gz) (tar xvf example.tar) how to move, make, and remove files (mv, mkdir, rm) how to configure permissions to allow the program to be installed, and how to bring the icons back to the desktop. Really, it should not have been this hard just to update my browser. But, now I know what to do- and it was kinda fun anywayz.... Thanx 4 da help!

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    Yeah it can be tough...
    But now you will be able to compile most anything

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