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    You normally have to set wine up once it's installed. Open a terminal window and type


    See what that does. IF that doesn't work go to frankscorner and look at the way he suggests setting wine up.
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    Ok, I solved this problem. I installed wine, from a tarball. Now, I have another problem( ), wine emulates windows 95, and Dreamweaver can't be installed in Win95, do you know how I can do the Win95, WinXP or 98?

    This is the message -> "freehand wont run in win95"

    Thanks again.

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    In winex you have "-winver win98"

    I'm not shure about wine, but its worth a shot

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    I just ran across this thread in my search for Dreamweaver 4 emulations. Has anyone ran CrossOffice successfully? It looks like something that would really be useful to me if it works.

    It would enable me to migrate to Linux faster.

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