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    Macromedia MX 2004

    I know how to windows with my eyes closed but i have just recently decided to learn how to use linux so i have install it on to all my computers but i have also just recently been given a copy of Macromedia MX 2004 for my birthday. I have tried briefly to install it onto linux but with no sucess can any one help me and provide me with the correct command to get it to install

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    What did you do?
    Did you try wine? or winex? Did you look at ? Have you tried crossoveroffice?

    Good luck, and happy birthday

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    I have been to that web site and downloaded the dll software this helps and gets the installation there but i still but an error

    i am usin wine to install it which one is best

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    1) Macromedia MX? you mean every single macromedia product, or a specific one?
    2) So, you've got an error. That error will *proberly* suggest what is wrong. Should we guess what the error was, or would you like to tell us?


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    Here r some images of the error which i get when i try and install Macromedia dreamweaver

    edited by CT: Please post links instead of large images. Thx!

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    I just thought I should post them since BBCODE isnt working or something..

    Have you tried out winex? They seem to work more on getting installers to work, etc since they provide directx support etc.
    You can buy a binary off from or you can get the free cvs version from's cvs servers. Note that the cvs version doesnt include cd-copy-protection since that would violate the DMCA.


    maybe that helped?

    Good luck

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    i installed winetools an that has seem to of sorted the the problem thank u very much for the help

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    Guys I tried to install a Macromedia product too, with wine. The program I want to install is freehand MX, the problem is that the program doesn't ask me where I want to put it, so the installation continues and finally a message pops, and it sais that it can't find Program Files(you know the place that programs are saved in Windows). Do you know what do I have to do. This message pops in Photoshop too.
    Finally, I tried to install Paint Shop Pro, too,and fortunately it asks me where I want to put the files, but when the installation starts, another message pops( ) and it says that in the /home/ directory I don't have enough space...(12GB free space)
    What do I have to do???

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    I'm not so shure about other macromedia products, but you can check with crossover office at

    Also, could have some info worth reading since it posts howto's to run the most popular software in wine, and I guess that most macromedia products are..

    Good luck

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    I think that my wine has a problem. The wine I have, it was pre-installed in my system, but the problem is that the directory isn't in the /home/ , and I can't find anywhere my fake c: drive. The program was installed with an rpm, and I wonder If I have to download the program from the net aan install it myself.

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