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    There HAS to be a beter way!

    DEPENDENCIES, OMG! I have installed mandriva just fine, I downloaded all the source codes for all the things want to do, and have been configing making and then finding it in what ever the hell directory it decided to install to and manage to make a shortcut and shove it in my "kicker" bar and/or remembering the command(s) TILL MY EYES BLEED!!!! My mother and brother think i have finally lost it, coming home to my dark room where the only source of light is the soft glow of my case's leds! Please tell me there is a a quicker/easer/ way of installing stuff. Theres the mandrake installer, but while theres a lot of neet stuff there theres not everything. Apparently theres something called konsturct but i cant find it. I know i really haven t truly stated a solid question and ive only been using linux( i uninstalld windows completely) for a little over a week, so i still have a lot of reading to do. Props out to the people on various irc rooms for there help(at least i now know there are people capable of asking dumber questions than i) So please post your thoughts/susgustions/STFUs&RTFMs k thanks!

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    You might want to check into these: &

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    Yum (Fedora Core), apt-get (debian) or Yast (suse) will solve the dependencie thing. But installing packages is quite easy. Btw. you can install yumextender in FC4 (don't know about the other, earlier, distro's) and choose packages manually out of a list.

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    pacman -S packagename

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    since we're listing the package manager commands...

    emerge <PKG>
    ^installs the given package

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    I don't know much about Mandriva but I don't think this is typical behavior for that product. There are many good distros that can handle dependency issues and AFAIK Mandriva works as well as most others. There is surely another issue here that has not been mentioned.
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    I haven't seen this mentioned...

    You could use a shell script to do what you want. I know this sounds crazy to you because you're a newb and can barely figure out basic stuff so far. BUT, the idea of the Bash Language is that you can use the programs within it to create and use any script you can think of to complete any task you can think of. This is a good example. You don't like your package manager, you make your own, better one that is fit for exactly what you want. Consider the Gentoo package manager system. It's written in only scripting languages(bash and perl or python I believe) and specifies commands you can use to update, download/install/configure your systems packages. its all fairly easy to use and can be chaged to what you want it to be. If you want to see an example of this, go to
    That's article one of three. It also teaches you a little about bash scripting, programming, and program design.

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    Ok, thanks guys, im now playing with the different methods. First i tried easyurpmi, while trying to install KDE3.4, needless to say somehow i compleatly messed KDE up so i just reinstalld the whole OS(i still have all my stuf on cd-roms so no prob) but still thanks. And appernantly a new virsion of the linux kernal has been released, cant wate to try that :P So, with no reason to creat a new thread, can someone direct me to somewhere with how to install windows AFTER installing *nix(all my looking only got me ones for win -> *nix .


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    Quote Originally Posted by xzen54321
    So, with no reason to creat a new thread, can someone direct me to somewhere with how to install windows AFTER installing *nix(all my looking only got me ones for win -> *nix :-(.

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