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    Emacs is there but wont run!

    I did install my linux system with all features for emacs. But when I run "emacs"
    alone, it says "bad or unrecognized command"
    command as if emacs was not on my system.
    At first, I though it was a matter of putting the executable of emacs in the path variable so
    I can run it from whatever path.
    But that was not the issue: I did a search of emacs files on my system, and found a lot of emacs related datas.
    But no emacs executable under /usr/bin or /bin. The only emacs file I found and that is closed to the emacs
    executable si a file called "emacsclient". But when running it, it asks for the emacs server! I tried
    all of the other emacs files, but there's no emacs server or any file that did execute emacs!
    Redhat 4.2 kernel 2.0.30

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    then you have 2 choices:
    1) Put the redhat CD in the drive, locate the emacs RPM and install it.
    2) and download an updated emacs and libaries.


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    I assume your logged in as root and with roots profile?

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    Yes Dan

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    try typing emacs and hit tab twice. What do you get?

    i get this:
    kriss@wilber:~$ emacs
    emacs emacs-21.2-with-x11 emacsclient
    emacs-21.2-no-x11 emacs-21.3.50
    kriss@wilber:~$ emacs

    So, lets say that you just got emacs-21.2-no-x11 you could just set up an alias like alias emacs='emacs-21.2-no-x11' so everytime you run "emacs" it really runs "emacs-21.2-no-x11".

    Hope this helps

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