I am trying to use GnomeMeeting on Mandrake 9.1 The USB Web Cam that I use is a CSS330. Now the problem. GnomeMeeting loaded and runs fine, the Camera once is plugged to the USB port it brings GnomeMeeting but the only thing that shows is a default pic and no video. If I go to preferences there is no choice for the WebCam and there is only one for my Hauppauge Win TV card and GnomeMeeting plays the TV. So the choices are the TV card or a default pic. There is section that you can browse on the directory and pic the Web Cam. Usualy the /dev/video0 is the only that shows. On Hardware Drake show the cam on the USB port. The thing here is, I can not find the Web Cam so I can use it. The Cam works on W2K so I know the Cam is fine.

Any suggestions are welcome, perhaps is something dumb that I am missing.

Thanks in advance.