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    still in problem with setting environment var

    i am really frustated with this...i still couldnt set the environment variable... i need to set the PATH by my jdk;

    i have tried the following code and put it at the beginning of the .bashrc file and also tried this code on the shell but yet no help.
    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/JDK-1.5.0_04/bin/
    still it tries to compile with gcj instead of taking the java command from the installation directory.

    in the shell i have also tried with the setenv command by putting
    setenv PATH /usr/java/JDK-1.5.0_04/bin/
    setenv CLASSPATH $JMFHOME/lib/jmf.jar:.:${CLASSPATH}:
    but it reports with 'command not found error'
    now tell me what to do...

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    It sounds like you've got to a point half-way through this tutorial. Try following the remaining steps, and see if that works...
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    how to set the class path

    hey now i have succeeded setting environment variables. but still dont know how to set the Classpath...

    can you tell? say i have a api at /root/software/jmf/jmf.jar
    how can i include it into the class path?

    please dont tell me to do anything into the .bashrc file. i have tried it already. it didnt work!

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    OK, now try setting it within .bash_profile :P

    If you want to try manually set the variable do:
    VAR=$VAR:"your value"
    echo $VAR

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