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    Graphic Analyzer

    I'm taking physics this year, and as most people that have already taken physics know, we do quite a bit of graphic analyzing.

    Today, my teacher said that if we wanted to use the program the school uses, we can just ask one of the physics teacher. He said we could do this because we're students or something like that (the program might even be free anyway). I believe the program that we use is Graphic Analyzer. It works on Macs and Windows, but I don't know if there's a Linux version....

    So I was wondering, is there a program that can do somewhat complicated graphs? Not just basic graphs like parabolas, graphs with asymptotes, elipses and those stuff, but linear regression, cubic regression, and those complicated ones. On top of that, could it also graph multiple things on one axis? In GA the axises can have multiple things on it with different units, so you can put them all on one graph.

    Oh, and I'd like something that is user-friendly so I can get things done quickly. Don't want to have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use the program or a long time to use the program. GA looks pretty good, so if no such thing exists, I'll just ask my teacher for it.

    Oh, and I'd prefer the installation package to be rpm based. If it can't be, then I'll settle with anything else.

    Almost forgot to mention, I'm running FC4...

    It'd also be good if it could save...

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    It's almost certainly not powerful enough for you (although I don't know how powerful the equation editor is), but you could take a look at KmPlot.

    You could also check out (from a quick Google):
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    it think you will find this program rather advanced,

    not only can it do what you want but its also gpl! hurra!

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