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    Can't mount/play Audio CD's

    Not sure if they're supposed to be mounted as the CD player starts playing the CD even though it won't mount; however, no sound comes out even though it shows its playing back the CD with correct time information etc.

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    i'm no expert in this, but let's assume your soundcard was detected successfully, and again let's assume that you didn't do anything to the configuration that says, "mount automatically when audio cd is inserted," and the player seems to be playing the CD ... but then no sound comes out.

    i'd say you didn't connect the audio cable ( if this is what it's called ) which is supposed to be attached from the CD-ROM drive's back to the soundcard/chip...

    check it if it's there. it should be connected in order for you to be able to hear the sound from off the CD.

    i'm assuming of course that you are not playing mp3s, since mp3s don't require the audio cable to be connected in order for you to hear it, even if it's located on the CD. as for ogg vorbis formats, i would say it's the same as mp3s, but i'm not sure on that.

    but then again if you were doing this already before and this just happened now, then....
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    Audio CDs are not to be mounted. As audio CDs do not have a real computer format, this is the reason why it shouldn't be mounted. Your computer behavior is normal (providing that you set it up that way).

    If you can't get sound, try other files like mp3 or ogg and see if you can get sound. This of course is done to test if the sound card is working or not. Once that's done, then you can see what the problem is.
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    1 thign i overlooked for ages... is the CD volume turned up.

    type gnome-volume-conrtol in a terminal and check that the cd volume is not muted.

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    i was about to ask a question about audio CDs, and it seems bpark already answered it.

    well i was wondering how xmms, grip and the likes go about playing audio cds even when one's setup wasn't set for users to be able to mount FSs, but root. i kinda thought that this is some sort of a security breach. i was thinking that these apps must have some sort of root access, or special privilege, for them to be able to read from the cd, when i thougt that you always have to mount it first.

    hahaha.... !
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