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    VCD playing on mplayer

    hey, what happened to this forum the last 2 days? was it down or was i banned for asking stupid questions? hehehe...

    anyway.. .

    after painstakingly finding and DLing the dependencies for mplayer, i finally have it up and running. yeah, and the skins are great!

    i was puzzled though as to why i can't seem to play a VCD format from it whenever i explicitly select the file to play from the mounted cdrom. ( i select from /mnt/cdrom/MPEGAV/avseq01.dat, which is usually the format in a VCD ). and it seems to take forever to read. so i have to kill it. instead, it only plays when i choose play VCD from the mplayer menu.

    i tried to use the file command to know what type of file is the "avseq*.dat", so i could change to the appropriate codec, but i get an I/O error instead.

    anyone care to explain?
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    You can mplayer -vcd 2

    As the mplayer-docs said:
    The ~600 MB file visible on the first track of the mounted VCD is not a real file! It is a so called ISO gateway, created to allow Windows to handle such tracks (Windows does not allow raw device access to applications at all). Under Linux you cannot copy or play such files (they contain garbage). Under Windows it is possible as its iso9660 driver emulates the raw reading of tracks in this file. To play a .DAT file you need the kernel driver which can be found in the Linux version of PowerDVD. It has a modified iso9660 filesystem (vcdfs/isofs-2.4.X.o) driver, which is able to emulate the raw tracks through this shadow .DAT file. If you mount the disc using their driver, you can copy and even play .DAT files with mplayer. But it will not work with the standard iso9660 driver of the Linux kernel! Use the -vcd option instead.

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    ok, thanks for explaining it unix, rather than just tell me what options there are to use... better you know at least half of the story, than to know nothing at all.
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    hey I've read that article, but I'me new here at Linux Red Hat, can you help me how to play a vcd?

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