I had installed RealPlayer10GOLD. When I play a *.rm video file, the image lags very badly. Also, when i play any file using Real Player, the menu bar of my Real Player responds ridiculously slow. (e.g. it takes 10 seconds for the for the player to respond when I click "File" on the menu bar). The sound plays okay.

At first, i thought it was the video card problem. So i install my nVidia Driver and the problem persist.

I tried playing a DVD and a VCD, and they plays fine.

So I guess there must be some problem with my Real Player. And I couldn't figure out what's the problem since I am really new to Linux..

Mother Board: MSI K8N-F , nVidia nForce 4 Chipset,
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 6200 TC
CPU: AMD A64 3000+
Distro: FC4 32bit

Hope you guys can solve my problems.

EDIT: I managed to download the required coedecs to play Real Media files on xine. Now I don't need RealPlayer anymore. But I would like to know how to solve the problem anyway.