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    How to use programs on Linux?

    I installed Xandros on my computer last night and have been trying to figure out how to install and use programs I download. Programs such as xchat, gaim, or anything pretty much. I ./configure, make, then make install, and after that I don't know what to do. For gaim it told me to get the latest GTK, which also meant I needed glib, atk, pango, etc. I got all of that installed and it told me I should uninstall the old glib, how do I do this? For amsn all I have to do it type 'amsn' to start it but with xchat it doesn't work that way, hopefully someone can tell me how to install and run programs? Thanks.

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    apt-get -y install gaim xchat

    I'm pretty sure Xandros has apt since it is Debian-based. Always use a distro's native package manager when you can, it will save a helluva a lot of time and headaches.

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    I got this:

    # apt-get -y install gaim xchat
    Reading Package Lists... Done
    Building Dependency Tree... Done
    gaim is already the newest version.
    E: Couldn't find package xchat

    What is "apt" and how do I run a program, like gaim after its installed? I tried just typing 'gaim, and got:

    # gaim
    bash: gaim: command not found

    I appreciate the quick response.

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    I got it figured out, I read the hot-to install tutorial, I didn't notice it before I posted here, so sorry for the un-needed thread. Thanks for the help without slamming me for making an un-needed thread also.

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