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    Quote Originally Posted by techieMoe
    Quote Originally Posted by cwl157
    But it's non-free.
    I just downloaded aim for linux from for free.
    What was meant there is not that it's free as in "no cost", but not free as in "open-source". The official AIM client for Linux is lacking a great many features since AOL hasn't updated it in a very long time. I wouldn't recommend it personally.
    I agree. Gaim and Kopete are more feature-complete than AOL's linux client and are compatible with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc.
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    o ok yea i downloaded it just to see if i could transfer files with people using windows aim but it doesnt really work.

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    Jonathon Clark was working on it and supposetly got the file transfer working working. If you can find him you might be able to get a CVS version. Too bad gaim hasn't been updated in close to two months. Hopefully they'll put everything from the summer of code into it.

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