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    Because you are new to linux I would recommend either Mandrake or Redhat. Once you learn the ropes try either Slackware (my personal favorite) or Gentoo (source based distro with a graphical installer currently under development. I currently have Slackware 10.1 and Windows XP dual booted and hardly find the need to boot up Windows. No better way to learn than from a little experience with any of these distros. Good luck!

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    This is an interesting URL on website design and Linux. I have been considering what you are saying, though I have been using Linux for over a year, I have installed Debian and Knoppix to hard disk, I ve taken a look at freebSD in the Freesbie live CD, have tested several distributions but had some problems with some of them. My first exposure to linux was a Redhat 6.1 CD in a book. About a year and a half ago, I had somebody give me Redhat 9 CDs from a Linux User Group.

    I am curious about your question and it is an important one as it may present itself as an obstacle for people in migrating to linux.

    I would also like to learn more on this question that you make. If I find something, I will post here.

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    take a look at this article from on web design and linux. It has some programs listed that you may want to try.

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    I'm new to linux also. Just learning. And I also enjoy webdesign. I don't think anyway mentioned the Gimp yet (however, I didn't read through everyone bickering about flash). Anyway, I'm not a Gimp expert but I guess its supposed to be as powerful as Photoshop. I've played around with it and so far, I really like what I see. I think I could use the Gimp just as well as I could use Photoshop. The interface is very similar and its not taking me a whole lot of time to learn.

    Sorry, I like flash, but haven't found anything for linux yet. Still looking...

    Hope it helps.

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