hello guys,

pls i installed vmware on my WinXP laptop, then installed RH9. This first installation was over 3months ago. all worked well until a week ago when i noticed that my keyboard was no more responding (when i type something, nothing shows up)..i couldnt even login into linux..after wmware loaded and then i booted my Linux workstation....

i deleted the install from the My Virtual Machines DIR and tried installing again. During the new install, the keyboard doesnt work, i cant even type in a root password(during install). I had to halt the install.

i also tried Mandrake 10 on the vmware again and still the same observation, the keyboard doesnt work during install.

pls note that during my second RH9 install, the keyboard was probed and detected, there were no error prompts whatsoever.

pls what could be the problem. pls help