Hmm, now this one has puzzled me all day.

I bought 4 brand new P4 motherboard combos, stuck them in and went about life. 3 of them work fine, the 4th is acting up. All 4 have the same new video card, CDrom, RAM, onboard LAN/sound

#1,2 and 4 are fine

#3 has decided to be different. On my first install of him he said he was unable to read from the CD, i gave him a different CD (as i had never used that one before) and he was fine. After that he gave me errors connecting to update saying:

[root@dragnon root]# up2date-nox -u
There was an SSL error: [('SSL routines', 'SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE', 'certificate verify failed')]

since i was already installing several machines in the room I said whatever(committed a linux sin), and let it resinstall from the second set of CD's without a hitch(formatting all partitions). Same deal, I have done nothing but install and try to up2date. Highly weird. I thought maybe it was the network card/cable as it was slower then any of the other machines in the room to bind to the NIS domain, so i swapped ports/cables with its neighbor, and tried a seperate 3com PCI NIC to no avail.

Anyone have any other ideas? I can't believe hardware would cause this sort of an error(the same one twice), but then again I can't see what else it could be.. both installs threw the same error. SSL is obviously upset, but I believe this may be a symptom, not the problem. The same machine has issues connecting to the license server for some software that we run saying that the servers license keys are invalid. So it has some issues with things related to verification... Im starting to grasp at straws here, Monday I will try RAM swapping, and maybe processor swapping to see what the deal is with this bad boy.

But it will run SETI fine, and has no issues crashing, or for that matter any issues so far with windows (its a dual booter) the software doesn't run under windows, so I can't test that.